Plan a Wedding

Ask our experts. When it comes to planning the big day, its easy to spend and spend. now we have got ways to get you the best.

Planning your wedding feast
Westwood Resort is the right resort to arrange the wedding. Our professional manager guides at the time of booking. Before you choose the menu, you need to brief which meal you would like to serve your guests: such as North Indian, Continental, Oriental or a mixed menu.
Get your numbers right
Unless your wedding budget is mammoth the number of guests will play a vital role in deciding what to serve. Our professional manager would guide you. How long it will take to serve the food……
In case you decide to go in for a small affair, take advantage by serving a menu with a difference. Take advice of our professional manager. He will guide you be it a lunch, dinner or breakfast, aperitif or lavish six course meal with flavour, texture, appearance, temperature, colour …. to keep your senses stimulated.
For example our manager suggests if you are having a dessert buffet, you would not want the entire spread to consist only ice cream but adequate interest in ensuring that there is good variety. Most important, to offer a fare where everyone finds something to eat. Our manger always takes with serious menu such as they encourage you to taste the food before finalising on a menu. They always pay attention to the presentation he is careful about the dish to look and all the food is served in a imaginative manner or colourful fashion.